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The bottom of your vehicle is constantly exposed to the various elements of the road. Eventually, the bare metal of your vehicle becomes exposed, as gravel and sand grind down the underside of your vehicle. Once this happens, road salts, moisture, and other grime accumulate in nooks and crannies, and begin to form RUST. Foundation Armour protects your vehicle from the devastating effects of rust. The Foundation Armour insulation also reduces tire & road noise, providing for a more comfortable driving experience.


  • Protection from RUST.
  • Reduced road noise.
  • Improved resale value of your investment


Our platinum protection will be applied to all types of surfaces on your vehicle including all your windows, tires, varnished and metal external services, high-graded steel, painted surfaces and all plastic and chrome-plated areas too!

Our Platinum Paint Shield is a derivative of a specific silicon monomer with polymers intended for surface protection particularly in the aircraft industry.

  • Resists heat up to 300°C/578°F.
  • UV Protection.
  • Electrostatic bond that repels airborne dust.
  • Resists most acids, solvents and alkalis.
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable - a GREEN treatment element

When Paint Armour is combined with Body Armour you will receive a complimentary Surface Rust Protection Warranty that provides you with protection from the devastating effects of surface rust. If your vehicle develops surface rust during this period, the Canada-West Assurance Company will repair the affected area(s) at no cost.


  • Maintains the showroom shine without having to wax your vehicle.
  • Enhanced appearance and highly repellent surfaces.
  • Improved resale value of your investment eliminates Brake Dust Damage.
  • Protection from Surface RUST, when combined with Body Armour.

A vehicle is the second largest investment you'll make, and nothing depreciates that investment more significantly than RUST!


Interior Armour creates an invisible barrier of protection that allows for quick & easy clean-up of accidental spills. This one-time application does not change the natural feel or look of your interior, and remains effective even after numerous spills.


  • Enhanced appearance.
  • Improved resale value of your investment.
  • Protection from extreme climate conditions and destructive compounds.
  • Protection from permanent stains.


The Canada-West Assurance Tire & Rim Warranty protects you from flat tires, blowouts, damaged wheels, and unplanned expenses

Potholes are not Planned

You are now protected from tire & rim damage resulting from potholes. You are also protected from other road hazards, such as:

  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Glass
  • Debris


The Canada-West Assurance Company guarantees the owner of the Tire and Wheel Armour Service Plan payment for the cost to repair or replace, as determined by us, any covered tire or wheel that should fail due to a road hazard while under contract. A failure refers to a tire or wheel that is no longer able to retain air in the tire.

Did You Know

  • 50% of customers incur costs related to tire or rim damage within the first 3 years of ownership
  • Average replacement cost for a tire and rim on a car is $825
  • Average replacement cost for a tire and rim on a SUV/Truck is $1,150
  • Flat tire repair
  • Replacement of non-repairable tires
  • Repair or Replacement of damaged rims
  • Tire Mounting, Balancing, & Installation
  • Other personal costs resulting from unplanned tire failures

Roadside Assistance

When out on the road, you'll know that you are protected by an organization that cares about the safety of you and your family. Our customer service representatives respond quickly to provide you the best service and protection available anywhere.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Roadside
  • Assistance Benefits
  • 24-Hour Towing Service
  • 24-Hour Mechanical First Aid
  • 24-Hour Tire Change Service
  • 24-Hour Emergency Delivery
  • 24-Hour Emergency Battery Service
  • 24-Hour Lost Key Service
  • Rental Car Discounts
  • Map Routing Service
  • Theft And Hit & Run Protection
  • Emergency towing
  • Rental car expenses
  • Roadside tire change
  • Accommodation expenses

Extra Benefits

  • Both Original & Replacement tires are protected
  • Winter tires are protected
  • $0 deductible
  • Covers aluminum rims, which are softer and more vulnerable than steel rims

Free Tire Rotations

Free Tire Rotations and Inspections are provided every year, free of charge. This represents $100 of additional value to you.


Thanks to technological advancements most vehicles nowadays are operated with keys which are computer programmed with special codes that match the codes located within the ignition. Because of this new technology, and attempts by the manufacturer to keep the vehicle's keys theft proof, replacing a lost or stolen key can be extremely expensive not to mention time consuming! In some cases, depending on the make of the car, it can cost as much as $100-$800 per key.

We at NSD have earned a solid reputation for fast and courteous service. You can count on the company with "safe" as its middle name.

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