Vehicle Protection

Diamond Kote NanoCrystal Paint Protection
Defy the elements with the best Auto Paint Protection! As your new vehicle rolls off the assembly line, its paint finish immediately becomes vulnerable to permanent damage. We deliver a whole new level of protections with a breakthrough transparent cross-link polymer formulation. By bonding to the paints surface in a continuous film it acts as a barrier between the paint and the elements! $999.00
Interior Protection
Diamond Kote Leather, Vinyl and Fabric Protection
Keeps your interior looking newer longer! We spend more time in our vehicles than ever before and we all know accidents happen. Keep your interior looking just as good as the day you bought it with our water based formula that stops stains from soaking in! Allowing you to have a quick and easy clean up! Backed by a fully insured warranty and guaranteed to last you won’t have to worry about a mess again! $899.00
Diamond Kote Vulcanized Undercoat Protection
Block out the rust and sound! Our undercoating is rust preventative by design with its durable, rubberized coating that helps block out road and engine noise. With all that vulcanization does for running shoes and pucks we knew the results of tough, flexible and virtually indestructible rust and sound protection was a given. $899.00
Tire and Rim
Diamond Kote Tire & Rim Protection
Tire and rim damage aren’t even an issue! We’ve got you covered from the high costs associated with unexpected tire and rim repairs. From the cost of the repair to the replacement of a flat or damaged tire due to road hazards like potholes, cracks, nails and glass!
Coverage includes:
Flat Tire Coverage
Curb Damage Coverage
Tire Replacement
Wheel & Rim Protection
Convenient Transferability
Zero Deductible
Towing & Road Service
Food & Lodging
3,4 or 5 year coverage extensions
Fully insured warranty!
Diamond Kote Aquapel Protection
Dirty windshields aren’t an issue anymore! We all know what it’s like to try and see through all the bug guts and rain! With our new product your windshield will dry quicker and the bugs will clean off easier than ever before! $299.00

car care kit
Diamond Kote Car Care Kit
Shines just like the day you bought it! With the weather we have in Canada our vehicle go through a lot! Keep your vehicle as clean as the day you bought it with our Car Care kit! It includes five cleaning products to keep your vehicle clean and shining as well as a cloth, sponge and scrubby to help you! $199.00